Hi Love. I'm Aisha

And I'm here to help you come out of hiding.

At a dark point in my life, my once-radiant spirit suffocated under the weight of unhealed trauma and a lack of self-love. Anxiety, people-pleasing, and codependent relationships ruled my life and left me feeling empty. As a child, I was so uninhibited; but who was I now?

How did this happen to me, and how could I finally be free?

I embarked on a mind-body-soul journey: a journey of re-connection, back to my authentic self. I dedicated myself to authentic expression, personal power, and freedom of spirit. And I discovered a healed, openhearted lifestyle in which my sensitivity no longer crippled me; it became my superpower.

I now use my natural gifts and formal training to walk other spiritual, sensitive women back home to themselves. The world needs creative, empathetic women like you; so what is holding you back from shining bright? 

Together, we'll find out; and together, we'll set you free.