1:1 Coaching Programs

For personalized, deep-dive healing and empowerment

Water Ripple


Improve your relationship to yourself and others by connecting to your heart and understanding your brain


Learn to receive joy more deeply and shine your brightest light


Align your internal world with your external world to live with integrity and fulfillment

Black Marble

Each of my 1:1 courses is 12 weeks long and provides nearly unlimited support during that time. 

Each of these programs leaves you with tools for your own use that will change your nervous system and change your life.

If you sign up for one of my 1:1 programs before May, you will get an EARLY BIRD PRICE of $1,500.

Please contact me to discuss which program will be best for you!


After 12 years of treatment and people talking about my brain as broken and not a part of me, I've felt a connection to the thing I've come to hate in my life. Every day is easier, and I'm only 5 sessions in.

- Sam


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Here are the problems many of my clients are dealing with:

Struggling to say no

Difficulty setting and/or receiving boundaries

Disconnection from their own wants and needs

Low self-confidence, hesitation to be their full self

Feeling like they don't know how to self-actualize

"Shadow habits" like stress-eating, financial irresponsibility, and lying to loved ones

Disocciation and/or negative body image

Unfulfilling sex life and/or romantic partnerships

Resentment and/or angry outbursts

Inability to reach personal goals / trouble with follow-through

Fear of not being enough

Fear of being too much

..and more